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Casino Silversands Video Poker is an interesting yet challenging game for players who are looking to gain experience and strike it lucky of course.  We all know the feeling of winning and the joy that it brings.

Video Poker is very much the same as draw poker in which the players will each be dealt five cards facing upwards.  They must then choose which cards they wish to keep or “hold”, and which cards will be discarded.  At Casino Silversands, all you have to do is click on each card you wish to “hold” and then click on the “Deal” button to be dealt new cards to replace the discarded ones.  This new hand will determine whether you win or lose the game.  So come and try out your skills and have some fun while you are at it.

Video Poker - Silversands

Video Poker Games - Every Video Poker game has the option to be played for either R.25 or R1.00, you can play from 1 to 5 coins each hand. Their video poker highlights the payout column that you are playing.

Video Poker Interface - Cash out, Simply click on the red cash out button to end your play and cash out your credits/winnings.

Bet Max - The maximum bet you can bet on an amount of coins (5) for a hand.

Bet One - To bet one coin for a hand (can be pressed up to five times).

Deal/Draw - Deal your next hand.

Payout Window - Shows your winnings from your last hand

Credit Window - Shows the amount of coins needed to be inserted into your machine in order to play.

R5 Coin - Puts R5 worth of credits from your account into your machine.

R25 Coin - Puts R25 worth of credits from your account into your machine.

R100 Coin - Puts R100 worth of credits from your account into your machine.