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Online Blackjack at Casino Silversands is played exactly the same as the Blackjack found in any land casino. If you’re a true high-roller and expect to be treated like one, then look no further. Casino Silversands offer their players superb gaming graphics, excellent customer service and outstanding payouts. The objective in Blackjack is to get as close as you can, but not more than a total of 21. Players must still have a higher score than the dealer in order to win, provided it is under 21. Should your cards total more than 21, then it is called a “bust” and you lose your wager. If there is a draw in the total, then no one wins and you will receive your wager back, and this is known as a “push”. Blackjack, which consists of two cards, namely a King, Queen, Jack or Ten together with an Ace, will beat a score of 21 that consists of 3 or more cards.

Blackjack Table:

The Online Blackjack table is a semi-circular shape, and is exactly the same as the tables found in a land based casino. The table normally seats between five and seven players, as seen in the image to the right of the screen. The first seat to the dealers left is known as ‘first base”, and the seat to the dealers right is known as “third base”. The chip rack is in front of the dealer. Your dealer will exchange these chips for money and all winnings will be paid with chips from this rack. There should be a visible placard, showing the tables minimum and maximum bets. There are many Online Casinos that have “live dealers.” This allows players to see and interact with a real person while they turn the cards over. Find out more here...

Blackjack Table:

A typical Blackjack TableA normal blackjack table as most of us know. For those who don't know the table is a semi-circular shape and normally seats between five and seven players, as seen in the image to the right. Normally there are between 5 and 7 betting circles that correspond to a certain seat around the blackjack table as seen in the image. The very first seat to your dealers left is known as first base, the seat to the dealers far right is known as third base. The chip rack lies right in front of the dealer.Your dealer exchanges these chips for money and pays all the winnings with chips from this rack. There should be placard visible that shows the tables minimum and maximum bets. Blackjack tables found while gambling online look exactly like the ones found in lad based casinos. You can even find online casinos that offer "live dealers" where you can actually see and chat with a real person while they turn over the cards......Click Here To Play

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Card Values:

Screen Shot Of A Blackjack Table At Casino SilversandsFace cards, that being your Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10 points. Your Ace card can be worth either 1 or 11 points.The rest of the remaining cards are all worth their face value eg: 10 of clubs = 10 points. The card's suits have no meaning at all. So now why not come and test out what you have learned about blackjack at Casino Silversands, simply click on the banner to the left. You can also play at some of the latest top slot machines as well as Roulette and more.

Blackjack Rules (Basic):

| Bets |
Players may make bets within the tables posted limits.

| Deal |
Players gets 2 cards face up dealt to them.
The Dealer also gets 2 cards, but one face down and one face up.

| Player |
Hit - at any time before doubling or standing
Stand - also at any time
Double - any 2 cards besides BlackJack and split Aces
Split - any 2 cards of the same value, 3 hands max
Insurance - which is offered on the Dealer’s Ace

| Dealer |
Hit - any hard total 16 or less
- any soft total 17 or less
Stand - any hard total 17 or more
- any soft total 18 or more

| Payout |
Dealer BlackJack 2-card 21
Player BlackJack 2-card 21 3 to 2 (first hand only)